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Valentine's Day Hello Kitty Box

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Exclusive Hello Kitty  Valentine's Day gift box.  $30 when bought  together.Box includes the following:

    1. Olli Ella Rose Luvya Bag.
    2. Hello Kitty Pencil
    3. Hello Kitty Handmade Clip
    4. Hello Kitty Heart ring
    5. Ooly Heart Stacking Crayons
    6. Ooly Lil' Juicy Scented Eraser + Sharpener Combo, comes in either In Green, Blue, Pink or Purple.
    7. Hello Kitty Variety Stationery set

♡ Hello Kitty Set Includes:

-Letter sheets (2 designs x 5 each, 10 total)
-Envelopes (2 designs x 5 each, 10 total)
-Die-cut memo sheets (3 designs x 5 each, 15 total)
-Mini envelopes (5)
-Mini letter sheets (5)
-16-ct sticker sheet

Save over $30 when bought  together.

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